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Your integration starts here.

Informing – Guiding – Empowering

Planning to work and live in Munich? Let us guide your journey. “Make it in Munich” is an innovative online migration project supporting third-country nationals (outside of EU/non-EFTA countries) in their planned and legal migration to Munich. We offer free online consultations and seminars, German language, and IT courses to help you prepare for your career and integrate into Munich even before you arrive.

Project Offers

Prepare yourself for a smooth integration

We inform, guide and empower you with the necessary tools and knowledge to build a sustainable future in Munich. When internationals receive orientation and qualification offers before moving, their transition and integration into Munich’s society and labor market will be smoother. Make it in Munich offers a unique and comprehensive approach, providing everything you need in one place!

Free of charge

All project offers are free for participants


Tailored support based on your needs.


We act as a bridge in your migration journey.


Each project offer is available online for wider reach.

Are you ready to start your professional and social integration in Munich?

Who can join the project?

Please review the project requirements carefully before applying.

Additional Information

1. Please note that our project does not guarantee job placement. We can guide you through the job search process, assist you in improving your application documents (CV, cover letter), and in some cases, connect you with potential employers.

Participation is not permitted for individuals arriving in Munich on a tourist visa, student visa, or those holding passports from EU/EFTA countries.

How to apply for the project

01 Check your eligibility

Read the eligibility criteria carefully in the "Who Can Join" section.

02 Fill out the participant registration form

Click here to open the participant registration form.  Please read and sign the data privacy sheet before submitting the registration form. You will find the data privacy sheet in the registration form.

Please note that we cannot consider incomplete forms. If you have any specific questions about the form, we will be happy to answer them.

03 Upload additional documents

If you are eligible to apply to the project, you are required to upload the following required documents before submitting your registration form.

  • Signed data privacy sheet
  • A copy of your passport/identity card
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)

Additional documents might be required based on your visa type:

  • Proof of visa appointment at the embassy (if you have already applied for the selected visa types)
  • Job offer or job contract (work visa or EU Blue Card)
  • Proof of admission to language courses (language visa)
  • Proof of admission to vocational training (vocational training visa)
  • Marriage certificate and job contract of your partner (family reunion visa)

If you do not have a visa application process yet, you can still apply.

04 Selection criteria and next steps

We are happy to receive your application. Please note that it will take some time for us to evaluate all applications carefully. We will carefully review your documents and contact you if we require any additional information. After reviewing your documents, if you’re a potential participant, we will invite you for the first screening call.

During the call, we will:

  • Verify your identity
  • Learn which offers you are interested in (Online Consultation, German Course, and/or Digital Skills Hub)
  • Assess your motivation, time commitment and technical setup for the project offers
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